There are two types of accommodation that students may stay in:

1. University accommodation / Halls

University of Edinburgh provides an accommodation service for international students. Every international student is guaranteed a place in the student accommodation. You can apply by going to MyEd → Services → My Accommodation → Launch service.

You can select up to 3 accommodation options within your application, and they will decide your place based on your preference and availability. Therefore, it is possible that you will not get your first preference (or even any of your 3 choices!), but you will still get a place.

The application usually opens in July. However, it is recommended for the prospectus student to begin searching for the accommodation early on as spaces are quite limited.

The advantages of living in the University’s student accommodation are:

  • All expenses (electricity, water, and internet) are included. Electricity can be quite expensive especially during winter when the heater is always on. However, you still have to pay at least £4 for each cycle of laundry machine and dryer.
  • Resident assistants will usually organise internal events for you to enjoy your time in Edinburgh.
  • It is more secure especially if you have never been living in Edinburgh or overseas before.
  • There are security services all the time ready 24/7 in the accommodation.
  • The cleaning service will clean your bathroom and common room at least once every two weeks.
  • You can expand your friendship and meet many friends from other countries
  • They could also help you to collect and keep your parcel and you can retrieve it from the reception comfortably.
  • It is quite warm as it is central heating and WiFi is provided.

The disadvantages of living in the student accommodation are:

  • The price is quite high (£80 – £130 / week).
  • Smaller rooms.
  • There are a number of rules that you need to comply to.

2. Private accommodation

Private accommodation is a good choice if you already know a little bit about Edinburgh or at least know someone to inspect the accommodation for you. One of you must at least check the flat beforehand to make sure everything is okay condition.

The advantages of living in private accommodation are:

  • The cost is much cheaper. You also do not have to pay for laundry since you already have a laundry machine in your flat.
  • The room is relatively bigger than student accommodation.
  • You can live with your friends and if you bring your family, you can also rent a whole flat for you and your family.
  • It is more flexible, a lot of ranges and options (from its locations, number of rooms, etc).
  • You also can choose the people/ person you have to live with, so can avoid personal issues down the line.

The disadvantages of living in private accommodation are:

  • You have to be extra careful in choosing the right agency and when signing the lease ( Cullen property is recommended).
  • You must remember to pay all of your bills every month.
  • You have to sign up the internet by yourself (which could be quite complicated and takes quite a long time).
  • Sometimes, if the gas and electricity do not work on holiday period or in the middle of the night, it might be quite difficult to contact the company.

For more information or if you need further help about selecting your accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact us!