PPI UK’s first-ever PechaKucha Series in Edinburgh!

Hi, guys!

Hope you are all well!

PECHAKUCHA: a presentation technique where 20 slides are presented with the duration of 20 seconds for each slide.
PPI Edinburgh will host the first-ever PPI UK’s PechaKucha series!

Our general theme will be “Multiple Facets of Education” where 3 creative students with various academic backgrounds and experiences will touch on the topic of education in different perspectives.

1. Dedi Kusuma
Dedi will talk about how a non-profit organization he founded will have an impact on the future leaders of Indonesia.


2. Agie Nugroho
Agie will talk about how comic books can actually stimulates a reading culture and learning.


3. Rio Aditya
Rio will talk about multi-species education and how it can be incorporated in many aspects within our daily life.


The presentation will last 6 mins 40 secs per person, so please allow 45 mins of your time to watch our cool guys sharing their perspectives!

When: March 19th 2016 1-1.45pm
Where: Lecture Theatre O17 Hunter Building Edinburgh College of Art

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