Basic Necessities

Moving in new city must be very exciting for every new student. One of the most asked questions is ‘where can i buy everything?’

  1. Groceries

There are several places for you to buy groceries in the city:

  • LIDL: the cheapest store in Edinburgh. It sells meat, vegetables, frozen food, soap, etc.
  • Tesco: you can find the stores literally almost everywhere in the city. The price is a little bit higher than LIDL but it is more complete in terms of the product. The quality of the goods is also better. Some products in Tesco express could be more expensive than in Tesco Metro.
  • Sainsbury: this is the most expensive store in Edinburgh (or at least higher than the previous stores). Although it is not as complete as Tesco, the quality of the things sold in Sainsbury is great!
  • Asda: it offers a whole range of products there with an absolute cheaper price.
  • Waitrose: It is more of a premium supermarket, but if you really value quality, go for it!
  • Farmfoods: You can get a frozen food with a relatively cheaper price! ( frozen salt and pepper calamari 3 packs for £10)
  1. Asian supermarket:
  • Starlight Supermarket: 25-, 29 Clerk St, Edinburgh EH8 9JH
  • Matthew’s Foods: 36 Inglis Green Rd, Edinburgh EH14 2ER
  • Aihua: 36 W Crosscauseway, Edinburgh EH8 9JP
  • Pat’s Chung Ying (along Leith Walk)
  • Hing Sing (along Leith Walk)
  1. Phone providers: You can order the simcard online to be delivered to your place on its respective websites for free.
  • Three: It is good for remote areas in Edinburgh compared to the others (highlands, etc). It could be used in other European countries which have Three areas coverage (i.e Italy has its own Three, so you can use it there)
  • Giffgaff (recommended)
  • EE
  • O2
  1. Home appliances:
  • Poundland: it sells pretty much everything for your home, from food to broom. All of the things are one pound!
  • Poundstretcher: this shop offers lots of appliances for cheaper price. It sells bucket, towel hanger, phone charger, and kitchen appliances
  • Primark: it is a place to buy clothes; however, they also sell a lot of home and bed appliances such as bedding.
  • Mark & Spencer: it is fairly more expensive than Primark, but it also sells beddings, pillows, kitchen appliances, etc.
  • IKEA: if you need more furniture in your home, going to IKEA is one of the best thing you can do as they practically sell everything in your mind. Plus, their Swedish meatballs are heaven!
  • BHS: The price is relatively cheaper than Mark & Spencer, and a good place to get your bedding and appliances.
  • Edinburgh Bargain Store: It sells almost all the home appliances at a relatively cheaper price.
  • Charity shops ( British Heart Foundation, Age Scotland, Cancer Research, Oxfam, etc): mostly along Nicolson street in Edinburgh. It mostly sells second-hand home appliances and clothing, although it does not have a lot of ranges and options.
  • ASDA: ASDA could give you the best price compared to Tesco and Sainsbury! It has got a whole range of food there! However, it is more convenient by car since you will definitely get a lot of stuff from ASDA!



  • If you are going to live in student accommodation, you can buy beddings from the university. However, to be honest, you can buy a better quality one nearby.
  • The other thing is that you can shop from all these places online, so it will get delivered to your place as soon as possible!:)