Indonesian Food Festival 2017 – Foodnesia

PPI Edinburgh presents:
FOODNESIA 2017 “Travel Through Indonesia”

FOODNESIA is one of the biggest annual Indonesian Food Festival in the United Kingdom. Organized by Indonesian Student Association in Edinburgh (PPI Edinburgh) to introduced and celebrates Indonesian culture amongst student in United Kingdom as well as local people in Edinburgh. Through FOODNESIA 2017 “Travel Through Indonesia” visitors will have a great experience of Indonesian bazaar, exhibition, traditional dances and games.

FOODNESIA 2017 will take visitors to travel around Indonesia and give a better understanding about its culture. There will be food bazaar that serve one of Indonesia most desired cuisine “Rendang” according to CNN. Visitors will have a chance to know Indonesia hidden gems, such as, Raja Ampat in Papua, Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi, and Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara.

FOODNESIA 2017 “Travel Through Indonesia” will be held on Saturday, 25th March 2017, at St. Peter’s Church Hall, Lutton Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9PE. This event will be split into two sessions, first session will be at 06.00 pm until 07.30 pm and the second session will be at 08.00 pm until 09.30 pm.

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