The best thing of living in Edinburgh is going everywhere is in walking distance! You can basically walk from your flat to several popular places. However, there are some options if you dont feel like walking or want to go somewhere far.

  1. Taxi: to have a better and faster travel in the city, you can use taxi. There are a lot of taxis provider in Edinburgh and you can search it in internet. However, the cost is quite high.
  2. Bus (Inner City Edinburgh): you can buy the bus ticket directly from the bus or online. There are two types of ticket: (a) one way ticket for £1.5 or (b) one day ticket for £4. Another option is to buy Ridacard (membership card for bus). You can buy the card and pay either monthly for £40 or annually for £525. The link to buy it:
  3. Bus (Outer Edinburgh): to travel across cities, you can definitely use bus. The fare is differed according to your time and destination. There are several bus or travel service such as Megabus ( ) or Citilink ( ).
  4. Train: another option for travelling across cities, you can opt for train. Although it is a little bit expensive, it is faster. One of our favourites is Virgin Train ( ). To get cheaper ticket, you can apply for 16-25 Railcard (student) to save 30% for each ticket. Follow this link to find it: You can get on board from Waverly Station which is right in the middle of the city.